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Biomethane flaming plants

The torch system is used for the safe disposal of biogas and biomethane via ONE burner system. In this design, the torch consists of a 12-stage burner system and the necessary fittings. Other designs can be offered at the customer's request at any time.

All wetted parts are made of V4A steel, welded, pickled and passivated. Each burner head has its own pilot burner and its own UV flame monitoring. It is controlled by a higher-level control cabinet.

Biomethane flaming plants

  • Gas throughput   1000-12,000 Bm3 / h
  • Max. Fire output   72MW
  • min. Flow pressure biogas   40 mbar
  • min. Flow pressure biomethane   30 mbar
  • including all fittings
  • incl. control of the torch
  • Standardized according to EN746
  • Low maintenance operation


  • Trim the fittings
  • Trace heating
  • Pilot burner for start-up operation
  • Torch length according to customer requirements