Our company history.
About Gastechnik Himmel GmbH.

The gas future has already begun

Our Motivation

The company Gastechnik Himmel GmbH will make available existing resources under the best possible use of the latest technologies and will make a significant contribution to accelerate the energy transition.

We are specialized in the design and production of components and complete systems from the field of environmental engineering. Our company focuses on biogas-, landfill gas plants and special gas plants as well.

Corporate Development

Since the foundation in 2008 our company at our headquarters in Korneuburg near Vienna continues to grow, the production area was already enlarged several times and the staff is continuously extended by highly skilled professionals.

Research and development and ongoing staff training are part of our company philosophy. A continuous quality improvement of technologies and individual components can be achieved by vigorous international knowledge transfer.

International Acceptance

We are pleased with a rapidly growing customer base and the excellent references from Europe and Overseas. Worldwide there is increasingly use of the optimal utilization of available ressources, which can be utilized regionally and with short haul.

Individual, Flexible and Cost-Conscious

Besides some standard products, our focus is on rapid and flexible implementation of customized solutions. Prefabricated components and our experiences make it possible to offer very cost-conscious complete solutions and custom builds within minimal life spans of a project.

Installation: Little Effort

We provide many products according to a "plug and play" system that can be immediately integrated into existing systems without any special effort. Also for larger systems we can keep the effort of the installation minimal: We deliver turnkey solutions in containers which are preassembled, tested and include the TÜV certification.

Long Shelf Life Guarantees

The weather resistant choice of material and build quality guarantee of course a long life time of all of our products.

Take Advantage of our Consulting Plus

All current and disputable statutory provisions and settlements are of course forward-looking parts of our consulting, planning and production.

This applies to the conception of new plants but also to the conversion or retrofitting of existing plants, such as currently required also in the EEG 2012 (to be executed by the end of 2013). In addition to our technical expertise and our experience, this slips also into our consulting services because we don’t want to be only a provider but also a long-term partner for our customers.

Contact us, our specialists are looking forward to assisting you and to answer your questions - and perhaps adopt a new and particular technical challenge!