Gas processing with EVONIK Sepuran Technology.

Economic data

The figures below give a first insight of the economic efficiency. Our calculation models allow the rapid assessment and calculation according to individual parameters.

We can so provide a a first overview of the economic data of a designed plant using this impressive technology.

Biomethane generation costs

Biogas plant with raw gas capacity of 500 Nm³/h. Gas processing via      3-step BioMem membrane separation process with Membrane Module SEPURAN® Green from Evonik.

All diagramm-details are bench marks. [Spring:]

Electrical power demand depending on the raw gas flow

All diagramm-details are bench marks. [Spring:]

Specific upgrading costs depending on the plant size

Specific gas processing costs pro kWh.

(Product gas quality >98%, 3-step process).

All diagramm-details are bench marks.