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Gas compressor GVD

Gas compressors are used as pressure boosting fan for biogas, natural gas and various special gases.

By the ATEX Category II 2 SG the gas compressor GVD is also suitable for producing explosive gas alloys.

The simple and maintenance-free design stands for long durability.

Guarantees are

  • Constant output pressure
  • permanent technical consistent design
  • insensibility against wet gases

Features include

  • fine weighed heavy aluminum impeller
  • corrosion-resistant stainless steel shaft
  • shaft seal via a double-acting lip seal
  • automatic lubricators
  • speed control via frequency converter

GVD 500/650 FU Atex Kat. II 2G 1,5-18,5kW

  • Frame Steinless steel 1.4571
  • Wheel Aluminium for biogas, natural gas and special gases
  • Volume flow 50-2500NM3/h (depending on speed)
  • Engine - 3x400V | 1,5-18,5kW | Eex de II t3 (Atex certified)
  • Useable frequenzy 15-75Hz (900U/min to 4500U/min)
  • Connection DN80-DN250, PN10

Main features of the GVD

  • Wide volume stream range with a const. output pressure
  • Ignition-free sources and techn. high design implementation
  • Insensitive to wet gases


  • Connection flange according to customer wish
  • Automatic drainage
  • Case position and rotation direction specifically to customer wish
  • Temperature monitoring