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High-temperature flare HTF

The series HTF is designed as a works flare (according to TA-Luft) with automatic exhaust temperature control at 1000°C and a dwell of at least 0.3 seconds.

Area of deployments

  • Thermal disposal of combustible surplus gases (landfill gas plants)
  • special gases

HTF flares are supplied with heat-resistant ceramic lagging (up to 1220°C) and automatically controlled air flap. The flare burner starts when the start signal and the gas pressure due for flare. Automatic ignition and control during operation.

All control functions in weatherproof control cabinet. Ignition Systems: Pilot burner for propane, natural gas and special gases. All wetted components are welded of V4A steel, rayed and passivated.

Ignition system: Pilot bruner for propane, natural gas and special gases.


  • Volume flow 50-1500Nm3/h
  • Fuel landfill & special gases
  • Heat value 35-95% CH4
  • Gas pressure min. 20mbar
  • Connection DN50-DN200
  • Ignition High voltage 10kV
  • Flame control. UV-Cell

Main features of the HTF

  • Concealed burning < 1000°C
  • Dwell of 0.3 sec (“TA-Luft”)
  • Isolated burning chamber
  • Standardized to EN746


  • Two-step main gas valve
  • Stainless steel switchboard
  • Continuous power regulation
  • Flare-length according to customer wish