Gas processing with EVONIK Sepuran Technology.

The technology that makes energy storeable

Upgrading of biogas to biomethane of almost any requested purity makes the feeding into the public gas grid or utilization via CNG filling stations possible, using this superior technology.

The separation of gas by tubular membranes is an power only operated process and requires no chemicals, no water, no heat and no other aids.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Gasseperation via hollow fiber membrane is an exclusively streamlined process and requires no chemicals, no water and no other aids.

The huge environmental advantage:

  • outstanding energy efficiency
  • no water consumption
  • no sewerage
  • no consumption of expendable chemicals !
Gas processing plant from Gastechnik Himmel

The economic efficiency calculation tells ist own tale compared to previous technologies such as pressurized water scrubbing, pressure swing absorption or amine scrubbing. Due to the relatively simple technology with high efficiency, the current operating costs are at the lowest level.
As a side effect of the membrane separation process moisture, contained in the gas, is also removed - there is therefore no subsequent gas drying for feeding into the grid required.

From CHP to biomethane plant

Due to the compact construction this technology is particularly suitable to upgrade biogas plants with existing cogeneration units, or to replace old, depreciated cogeneration units without adequate energy recovery.

Individual, flexible and strong in implementation

After years of preparation and with the experience of GT-Himmel we are well equipped for customized solutions.

From the 3D model to economic efficiency calculation, all parameters including coordination with the interfaces of the upstream and downstream plants can be engineered quickly.

Because of the high degree of prefabrication,construction times can be drastically reduced. Each plant is fully pre-assembled, tested, technically inspected and passed as a functional unit.

Among turnkey containers the installation of preassembled components in existing or newly constructed buildings is possible in a short assembly time.

The careful choice of components and the high workmanship quality guarantee long term trouble-free operations.

In addition to turnkey containers, it is also possible to install them in existing or newly built buildings with pre-assembled components in a short installation time.

We like to be your partner

In the engineering phase, we already work together with relevant authorities such as TÜV, etc. All currently valid technical regulations and safety standards are already considered in our design.

We support our customers with our expertise and our experience significantly for technical questions, consulting, initial pre-calculation as well as for the delivery of complete systems.

Our technicians will be more than happy to counsel you and answer your questions.