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Medium-temperature flare MTU

The series MTU is a start-up and emergency flare (according to TA-Luft) with concealed burning.

Area of deployments

  • Thermal disposal of combustible surplus gases such as in biogas, sewage and landfill gas plants.
  • Various special gases

The torches are available with a DVGW-tested 1 or 2-stage gas engine valve with a gas throughput of 50-3000Nm3 / h. If a higher gas throughput is required, we would be happy to manufacture special torches or combined modules for you.

Optional with or without an ATEX-certified compressor.

Fully automatic control and monitoring of the electric ignition during operation. Direct ignition with high voltage electrodes or pilot burner.

All control functions are supplied in a weather-resistant and fully wired control cabinet. All wetted components are welded of V4A steel, rayed and passivated. - For higher gas flow rate special flares or combined modules can be made to order.

MTU 50-3000

  • Volume flow 50-3000Nm3/h
  • Fuel Bio-, landfill-, special gases
  • Heat value 35-95% CH4
  • Gas pressure min. 20mbar without compressor
  • Gas pressure min. 1mbar with compressor
  • Connection DN50-DN250
  • Ignition High voltage 10kV
  • Flame control. UV-Cell

Hauptmerkmale der MTU

  • Concealed and homogeneous burning > 850°C
  • Low-noise design
  • Standardized to EN746
  • Low-maintenance operation


  • Covering of the fittings
  • Heating unit
  • Ignition burner for starting operation
  • Flare-length according to customer wish