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New flare: MTUv - High quality at low cost

The demands on incinerators increase constantly and emission reducing measures are already counted today among directives in the disposal of various industrial gases. Due to the new market requirements - specified by EEG - we adapted our products.

Thus, based on the modular constructed gas flare type MTU a shortened version was introduced as MTU-v.

The free burn out gas flare MTU-v is available in 3 versions with or without gas compressor and is delivered operable as desired by the customer and can be used right away.

Plug & Play!

Long term quality materials (stainless steel) and proven fittings guaranteed.

Equipment [kW el.] Gas pressure [mbar] Type Capacity [m3/h] L x W x H [cm] Weight [kg] Basement [cm]
0-100 < 15 MTU 100/50 25-60 70x70x400 200 155x155x30
100-200 < 15 MTU 100/80 60-120 70x70x400 220 155x155x30
200-300 < 15 MTU 200/80 100-200 70x70x400 240 155x155x30
300-550 < 15 MTU 200/100 150-300 70x70x450 250 155x155x30