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Module Unit Gas Treatment 1400/3 -16bar France

Customer/Location: Agrikomp GmbH/F

As an Evonik contractor, we offer the design and delivery of 3-stage gas treatment plants with Evonik Sepuran hollow fiber modules.

The patented 3-stage processing process may only be used when ordering a complete membrane unit consisting of 3 module racks by our customers.


  • Lt. Pressure Equipment Directive, operating pressure max. 20bar
  • Acceptance by TÜV Süd
  • Volume flow inlet: 1400Nm3/h biogas
  • Volume flow outlet: 750Nm3/h biomethane
  • Pressure: 16bar
  • Commissioning 2016
  • Volumenstrom Eintritt: 1400Nm³/h Biogas
  • Volumenstrom Austritt: 750Nm³/h Biomethan
  • Druck: 16bar
  • Inbetriebnahme 2016

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