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Lean gas treatment

Poor gas treatment plants are used for gas mixtures with a calorific value from approx. 1 kW thermal to 3.5 kW thermal.

They are used for the safe, oxidative disposal of non-combustible gases.


The gases are mixed with air and flow through a packed bed at over 900 degrees Celsius. This is where the thermal, flameless oxidation of the combustible components takes place. The energy generated is absorbed by the packed bed and reduces the heating energy required to keep the bed at temperature.

In most applications, the heater can be deactivated after the process has started up. One then speaks of "autothermal" operation. The offgas corresponds to the currently applicable TA-Luft requirements.  

Areas of application

  • Landfills at the end of their useful life (replace the gas torch)
  • Offgas utilization in gas processing plants
  • Gas utilization in industrial production processes

Performance range

Approx. 25 - 1000 kW thermal

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