Gas processing with EVONIK Sepuran Technology.

The engineering

We develop specifically tailored plant models on the respective usage purpose. In the course of individual engineering the process for the respective customer requirements - concerning methane quality, permeate quality and methane slip as a function of of the raw gas composition - will be optimized.

We have specially developed simulation software, which transfers all process parameters in a complex calculation model to determine the best operating point for the respective operating conditions.

Equalliy the plant construction is tuned to the concrete application. No matter if it´s a container plant or the installation in existing or newly built facilitys. We plan and produce the plant in accordance with the overall system. Of course our plants comply to the international - as well as to the respective national standards - in terms of quality and process safety.

Each plant is tested and approved by the TÜV according to the applicable standards of the country of destination.

We are happy for questions, discussions and binding carried out comparative calculations using the specified contact details available.