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Gastechnik Himmel GmbH

Gas processing, gas flare, landfill gas & more

Gastechnik Himmel GmbH, based in Korneuburg near Vienna, has set itself the task of making an important contribution to the energy transition: using environmental technology.

In this area we have specialized in the planning and production of components and complete systems. Our offer ranges from landfill gas and biogas plants to pressure boosting stations to gas compressors and various gas flares.


Years of experience in our field speak for us!


Gas technology: Landfill gas & biogas plants

Whether fully automatic landfill gas or climate-friendly biogas plant: Gastechnik Himmel accompanies you from the project phase to commissioning. Thanks to our experience and prefabricated components, we can offer cost-conscious complete solutions as well as custom-made products. In addition, our range of services includes the conversion or retrofitting of existing systems.
With the SEPURAN® Green membrane module developed by EVONIK, we were able to gain a technological advantage in the field of biogas and gas processing. The biogas is processed to any desired level of purity, which means it can be fed into the natural gas network or used at CNG filling stations. Biogas is climate-friendly, regionally available and also very economical thanks to the current BioMem technology.



Ing. Heinz Himmel, CEOr

We don't just want to be the supplier of our future customers, but their long-term partner!

Ing. Heinz Himmel, CEO

Wir wollen nicht nur der Lieferant unserer zukünftigen Kunden sein, sondern deren langfristiger Partner!


Recently Completed Projects

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