Gas processing with EVONIK Sepuran Technology.

Gas processing

Biogas is available regionally, climate-friendly and is now particularly economical, thanks to the current BioMem technology. With EVONIK and its newly developed SEPURAN® Green membrane modules, Gastechnik Himmel was able to develop a technology advantage in the field of biogas and gas treatment after many years of research, from which our customers benefit in the long term. The corporate goal of Gastechnik Himmel is the planning and delivery of plant components up to turnkey plants, which are profitable even from smaller gas volumes. The system models are individually tailored to the application area.

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Interior view SEPURAN® Green Membrane module
Interior view SEPURAN® Green Membrane module

Individual plant models for gas processing

Thanks to special simulation software, all process parameters can be transferred to a calculation model in order to determine the ideal operating point for the application conditions. The planning and production of our gas processing plants always takes into account the overall plant concept, be it the production of a turnkey container plant or the integration into an existing or newly constructed company building. All of our systems undergo a comprehensive TÜV inspection before delivery and thus meet national and international standards in terms of quality and system safety.

Environmental plus - achieve high energy efficiency with gas processing

Our superior technology enables gas processing of biogas in biomethane in almost any desired purity and provides the feed into the natural gas network or the use via CNG filling stations. Since the biogas is separated using a hollow fiber membrane, no chemicals, water or other aids are required. It is exclusively a live process. With its outstanding energy efficiency, the process stands out economically from previous technologies. In this way you make a contribution to the environment and keep running costs at the lowest level.

Environmentally friendly advantages at a glance:

  • outstanding energy efficiency
  • no water consumption
  • no waste water
  • no consumables

Upgrade CHP unit to biomethane plant

Thanks to its compact design, the technology is ideal for upgrading an existing combined heat and power unit (CHP) to a biomethane plant. This also includes old CHP plants without the appropriate use of heat. Based on many years of experience, we are optimally equipped to work out customized solutions. We are able to plan all parameters, from the creation of 3D models to the profitability calculation. You also benefit from a high degree of prefabrication. Our systems are completely pre-assembled, tested and technically tested, which shortens construction times.

The process with our key technology BioMem

Begins with the compression of the raw gas to 10–16 bar using a high pressure compressor. Heat exchangers for decoupling ensure the waste heat from the compression process. A drying stage with temperature control and an activated carbon filter are installed downstream for compression. Based on the different migration speeds of gases in polymers, CO2 and water vapor are finally separated via the hollow fiber membrane. The heart of the system is the SEPURAN® Green membrane module from EVIONIK. We generally offer two processes: a 1- and a 3-step process.

  • 1-step process for the integration of existing CHPs (for partial quantities, ideal for the operation of CNG filling stations)
  • 3-stage process to achieve the highest possible methane yield (while ensuring the lowest emissions)

Our pioneering systems are available in a modular design and leave our factory pre-assembled, fully assembled, tested and TÜV-tested. If you have any questions about gas processing, please contact us. Gastechnik Himmel is your ideal contact for landfill gas and biogas plants.