Economic efficiency

In the course of a profitability calculation, we have determined the expected costs per Nm³ of biomethane, taking into account the acquisition costs, maintenance and operating costs, as well as the membrane costs to be expected from today’s perspective. For this purpose, a 10-year calculation period was used and the module lifetime was assumed to be 3 years.

Of course, the costs depend strongly on the operating conditions, such as the required methane content in the product gas, the raw gas composition, or the way the offgas is used. For this reason, an individual profitability calculation, adapted to the respective parameters, is integrated in all our customer offers. We would also be happy to calculate your application!


Biomethane production costs

Biogas plant with a raw gas capacity of 500 Nm³/h. Gas treatment using a 3-stage BioMem membrane separation process with SEPURAN® Green membranes from EVONIK.

coarse desulfurization
raw gas production
grid feed
gas treatment
distribution costs

Electrical power requirement depending on the amount of raw gas


Specific processing costs

depending on the size of the plant

Specific treatment costs per kWh (product gas quality >98%, 3-stage process).


  • Operating hours: 8500 h/a
  • Calorific value HS, O 100% CH4: 11.04 kWh/Nm3
  • Electricity costs: 13 ct/kWh
  • Proceeds from selling biomethane: 7.5 ct/kWh
  • Calculated module service life: 7 years

All data in the diagrams are approximate values. [Source:]