High temperature flare

High temperature flare MTU-HT

The MTU-HT series is designed as an operating flare (according to TA-Luft) with automatic exhaust gas temperature regulation to 1000 °C and a dwell time of at least 0.3 seconds.

Areas of application

  • Thermal disposal of combustible excess gases (e.g. in bio, sewage and landfill gas plants)
  • various special gases
  • suitable for continuous operation

Execution of High temperature flare MTU-HT

MTU HT flares are supplied with heat-resistant ceramic insulation (up to 1220 °C) and an automatically controlled air inlet flap. The flares are available with a DVGW-tested gas engine valve in 1 to 4-stage versions and with a gas throughput of 50 - 3000 Bm3/h.

The flare burner starts as soon as the start command and the gas pre-pressure to the flare are present and monitors the flame or regulates the temperature during operation.

All control functions are housed in a weatherproof and ready-to-connect control cabinet. All components that come into contact with the medium are made of V4A steel, welded, blasted and passivated.

Ignition systems: Pilot burners for propane, natural and special gases

Flow rate: 50 - 3000 Bm3/ h
Fuel: landfill gas, biogas, special gases
Calorific value: 35 - 95% CH4
Gas pressure: min. 20 mbar
Connection: DN 50 - DN 300
Ignition: high voltage 10 kV
Flame monitor: UV cell
Temperature control: via PLC

concealed combustion < 1000 °C
Dwell time over 0.3 seconds
Insulated combustion chamber
Burner control according to EN746
Suitable for continuous operation
PLC with touch display

integrated gas compressor GVD
Additional power levels
Stainless steel - control cabinet
stepless power regulation
Torch length according to customer requirements
Torch hat as weather protection