Landfill gas plants

Landfill gas plants

Landfill gas is created by the breakdown processes of organic compounds and materials in waste. A distinction is made between aerobic and anaerobic processes.

The composition of the gases depends very much on the age of the landfill, the type of material deposited and the landfill.

The first two months after tipping, the gas contains higher levels of nitrogen and oxygen from the supplied air and contains hardly any carbon dioxide and no methane. Immediately after sealing the landfill, the carbon dioxide content increases drastically, while methane takes a few more months and is only formed at the beginning of the anaerobic phase.

Application areas of Landfill gas plants

  • Gas compressor station for extraction of landfill gas
  • Gas purification and gas analysis
  • Gas flare system for landfill gas over 35% methane
  • Support gas burner below 35% methane
  • Lean Gas Utilization RTO


  • Control criteria according to specifications
  • Remote maintenance
  • Execution according to CDM/JI projects
  • Integrated gas flare
  • Integrated control of the CHP's
  • Gas cooling and conditioning
  • Activated carbon filter for CHP's
  • Service contract according to customer requirements