Weak gas treatment

Weak gas treatment RTO

Lean gas treatment systems are used for gas mixtures with a calorific value from approx. 1 kW thermal up to 3.5 kW thermal.

They are used for the safe oxidative disposal of no longer combustible gases.

Areas of application

  • Landfills at end of life (replace gas flare)
  • Off-gas utilization in gas treatment plants
  • Gas utilization in industrial production processes

Execution of Weak gas treatment RTO

With the gas technology Himmel RTO type Heos, the off-gas is diluted with fresh air and passed over a reactor bed. At temperatures of over 1000 °C, organic compounds are oxidized flamelessly. The heating-up operation takes place electrically, so no additional burner system or auxiliary firing is necessary and is therefore low in NOx.

The off-gas to be treated must have a calorific value of at least 10 kWth to ensure autothermal operation.

The temperature in the reactor shifts in the direction of flow, so the direction of flow is changed in a switch box depending on the temperature. The reactor thus acts as a recuperative heat exchanger.

The hot exhaust gas cools down again at the reactor outlet and is discharged via the exhaust gas stack.