Medium temperature flare

Medium temperature flare MTU

The MTU series serves as a start-up and emergency flare (according to TA Luft) with concealed combustion. The construction of the torch is modular, so different sizes and designs are available.

Areas of application

  • Thermal disposal of combustible excess gases (e.g. in bio, sewage and landfill gas plants)
  • various special gases

Execution of the Medium temperature flare MTU

Depending on their size, the flares are equipped with one or more gas lines and are available with a gas throughput of 25 - 3000 Bm3/h. If a higher gas throughput is required, we will be happy to manufacture special flares or combined modules for you.

The flare burner starts as soon as the start command and the gas pre-pressure to the flare are present. The automatic gas burner controls the electrical ignition process fully automatically and monitors the flame during operation.

All control functions are housed in a weatherproof and ready-to-connect control cabinet. All components that come into contact with the medium are made of V4A steel, welded, blasted and passivated.

Ignition systems: Direct ignition with high-voltage electrodes or pilot burners.

flow rate: 25 - 3000 Bm3/ h
fuel: Biogas, landfill gas, special gases
Calorific value: 35 - 100% CH4
Connection: DN 50 - DN 300
Ignition: high voltage 10 kV or pilot burner
Flame monitor: UV cell

concealed combustion > 850°C
Dwell time over 0.3 seconds
low-noise construction
Burner control according to EN746
Low-maintenance operation
Flame tube and base frame made of stainless steel

Anti-freeze package
Control cabinet stainless steel
manual butterfly valve
Measurement of combustion temperature
Pilot burner for start-up operation
Torch length according to customer requirements