Booster stations

Booster Stations

Pressure boosting stations are delivered either as a kit for on-site integration into the overall system, as a ready-to-use compressor station pre-assembled on a base frame, or as a turnkey container system.

The core is the low-maintenance, ATEX-tested centrifugal compressor GVD, which guarantees a stable outlet pressure under varying operating conditions.

Areas of application

  • Biogas Plants
  • Micro gas grids
  • Natural gas plants
  • BHKW-Plants

Execution of Booster Stations

In the standard version, the gas compressor is mounted on a base frame and equipped with the fittings and safety devices required for safe operation.

The fitting group includes a manual shut-off valve at the inlet and outlet, as well as compensators and a gas non-return valve.

The safety devices consist of pressure and temperature monitors and a gas warning system when installed indoors.

Flow rate: 50 - 6000 Bm3/ h
Pressure increase: Standard up to 210 mbar
Special systems with up to 16 bar

Ready-to-use system ▶ Plug & Play
CE declaration of conformity
Base frame and piping made of stainless steel
Control cabinet with FU
Outlet pressure control

special version
gas analysis
gas warning system
remote maintenance
Custom design
Frost protection enclosure
container plant