Gas compressor

Gas Compressor GVD

The gas compressor serves as a pressure booster fan for biogas, natural gas and various special gases. Thanks to the ATEX-compliant design, the gas compressors are suitable for use inside and outside in zones 1 and 2. The simple and maintenance-free construction stands for long durability. According to ATEX category II 2 SG, the GVD gas compressor is suitable for conveying explosive gas mixtures.

Areas of application

  • Biogas
  • Natural gas
  • Various special gases

Execution of the Gas Compressor GVD

Our gas compressors guarantee:

  • Constant outlet pressure
  • permanently technically tight design
  • insensitive to humid gases

Gas compressor features include:

  • finely balanced aluminum impeller
  • corrosion-resistant stainless steel shaft
  • Shaft sealing via a double-acting lip seal
  • automatic grease dispenser
  • Speed control via frequency converter
  • Special motors with UL approval

Housing: stainless steel (V4A)
Impeller: made of aluminum for biogas, natural gas, special gases on request
Flow rate: 50 - 6000 Bm3/ h (depending on speed)
Pressure increase: max 160 mbar or 210 mbar with 87 Hz technology
Electric motor: 3 x 400 V | 1.5 - 30kW | Eex de II t3 (Atex certified or IECEx certified) / with thermistor, suitable for VSD use
Usable frequency: 15 - 75 Hz (900 rpm to 4500 rpm)
Connection: DN 80 - DN 250, PN 10

Wide flow range with constant outlet pressure (flat characteristic)
Ignition source-free and permanently technically sealed design
Insensitive to moist gases
Automatic lubrication Gas-tight seals

Connection flange according to customer requirements
Automatic drainage
Housing position and direction of rotation according to customer requirements
87 Hz technology for higher outlet pressure